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Bearwood Engineering Supplies keeps companies moving…

2022 has been another challenging year, globally, with the war in Ukraine and its knock-on effects, increasingly alarming indicators of climate change, and world population now exceeding 8 billion. These combined factors must surely increase the challenges which we all face, both personally, and in business.

With 2023 just around the corner, let us hope for stability above all else, and all of us at Bearwood send best wishes at this continuingly challenging time for us all.

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Focus on The Sporting Gun Trade

The Sporting Gun Trade is a worldwide phenomenon which has a centuries-old tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Some of the makers have been around for that long, and the quality of the products they present can rightly be considered works of art. Although some sporting guns can be purchased for a relatively low cost, others will hold their own quite comfortably against a new high-end sports car. Great Britain has a reputation for producing such guns, and their interesting history is well worth taking a look at, if you get the time.

With all the constant progress and changing methodologies of so many industries, it is always a pleasure to visit those old-school companies which still take the same time to carry out a task, that they have for centuries past. The manufacturing of Sporting Guns is one such industry, and their workshops are just such places. If it took a year to make a bespoke side-by-side 12-bore shotgun in 1818, it takes a year to make one now; and walking into the hallowed ground of any of these specialists, inhaling the smell of linseed oil and elbow grease, can be like a breath of fresh air from the fast pace of life outside.

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Sweet’n’Sour Sugar ; But it Doesn’t Have to be This Way

From October, in many parts of the world, the sugar crop is about to be harvested. ‘Sweet’, you might say, but to some people, especially those who live in the vicinity of some of the plantations, ‘sour’ is the feeling which best conjures up their opinions at this time of year, because this is when the sugar- cane is quite literally set fire to. The purpose of this burning is to remove the outer leaves of the plant, in order better to access the cane itself, in which is found the juice, and through processing, the sugar crystals.
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“Discontinued” or “Obsolete”…Words no Buyer Wants to Hear

Each year, more and more companies are faced with the challenge of hunting down parts that have been classified as “obsolete” or “discontinued”. When buyers are not provided with the appropriate contacts, endless searches for items such as engines, fluid couplings, and motors can lead buyers to replace entire units for the sake of saving time. The end result of this method leaves organizations overspending on items that were unnecessarily purchased due to lack of initial resources.
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