Welcome To Bearwood International

Welcome to our website. Here in Cornwall, we continue to build solid working relationships with the new service providers who operate locally: export packers and global shipping companies, specifically, and all within a stone’s-throw, which assist in streamlining our service to you, our valued customer. Our offices in Los Angeles also continue to serve our customers globally, with US-specific branded products.

We are well known for obtaining obsolete parts, keeping old equipment maintained to avoid costly upgrades and replacements.

Specialised industries served include Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Water Treatment, Power Generation and Agriculture, especially Sugar.

2021 will see Bearwood celebrate its 75th anniversary. During those 75 years, a lot has changed, but we have remained a constant – supplying a wide variety of engineering equipment and solutions to customers throughout the world.

2020 has been a particularly challenging for the world; COVID-19 has caused huge disruption, but we are proud to say that we have managed to continue providing timely supplies to our customers around the world…we did have a few problems with face mask supply, though !

If there is anything you require which is not listed, please ask us – it is likely that we will be able to source what you are looking for.

Jon Laxton
Managing Director